6 months "Muscle up" membership

6 months "Muscle up" membership


A 6 months membership that gives you support in the implementation of your vision/project

On the agenda:

-1 clarity session on your vision at membership entrance: become even more specific on how your project looks like, and set up monthly checkpoints until vision is achieved

-1 monthly accountability call of 1H or 1 weekly call of 15min: these calls are there to make sure you’ve done what you set out to do

-Free one day “Wake up workshop” and repeat until the end of the membership: learn about intuition and exercise your intuitive muscle on a regular basis (practice makes mastery)

-Monthly live webinar with interaction and Q&A: every month the webinar addresses a different topic that supports you in creating your vision (recordings available)

-Monthly “Get stuff done” session: we meet locally to work together, exchange ideas, get feedback and be focused together

-Get invited to the Cool Girls Club - Epic Trips

By the end of this membership you will have achieved your project or will be well underway to achieving it (depending on how big your project is).

If you wish to pay on a monthly basis please get in touch and a monthly payment of £197 for 6 months can be set up.

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