Hey there…

My name is Chloé and I am the Founder of the Cool Girls Club. But what is the Cool Girls Club exactly?

The Cool Girls Club is a global network of inspiring women that influences the world through collaborating with brands and individuals that support women empowerment.

Cool! But what does the Cool Girls Club do?

The Cool Girls Club:

-Inspires the world by actively searching for and showcasing inspiring women

-Promotes brands that support women empowerment either by the products they offer or the way they do business

-Puts the public in touch with those amazing people and brands

Through the Cool Girls Club, I help women get super clear on their purpose and support them in implementing it via:

-The CGC membership

-Private coaching

-Transformational trips

Who is the Cool Girls Club for?

-Women looking for inspiration and empowerment

-Brands and individuals looking to collaborate and be part of the network


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