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Officially Launched! The 2020 Cool Girls Mexican Adventure

Officially Launched! The 2020 Cool Girls Mexican Adventure

Adventure reveals your true self.

Have you ever gone on a trip with someone you thought would be great to travel with and realised, by the time you met them at the airport, that they are nothing like their usual selves? Let me tell you, travel is the fastest and best way to find out if a relationship is gonna last! You will inevitably find out stuff about them and about yourself that you didn’t notice before.

Why? Because adventure, and travelling in general, puts you in a state of uncertainty and unknown. It triggers our survival instinct and forces us to adapt to our new environment. I grew up between countries, cultures and languages, and as I shifted from one place to another I noticed that I was different in different settings. I noticed that a particular country brought out certain aspects of my personality. For example, when I was growing up in South America, I became more community oriented, I spent more time with friends and family. Every weekend there was a birthday party or a barbecue. When I went back to France at twelve, I became more independent. I would take my bicycle and go for long rides in the city centre all alone. I went to school and back alone. I spent a lot of time on my own and, as such, developed a mind of my own.

Different places bring out different things in you. Maybe you did not give family too much importance until you went to India and discovered how much people rely on their family structures over there. Or perhaps you didn't know how important personal space was to you until you came back to UK from India and saw how respectful people were of your private life.

Travelling opened me up to the real Me. Every place I went to has taught me something about myself, others and the world. I am the sum of all my travels, of all the interactions I’ve had and all the strange foods I’ve eaten. Because I learned to respect and appreciate others, their way of life, religion, food, traditions and values, I learned to respect and appreciate my own self. The openness and understanding needed to adapt to a foreign environment forced me to constantly re-think, question and challenge who I was but also be more accepting of myself.

By letting go of who I think I am and allowing the place to reveal new possibilities to me, every time I travel, I am always becoming more of who I really am… And I am always excited at the new discoveries I know I will make when embarking on a new adventure.

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Needless to say I am in love with travel. The power that travel has on a human being’s soul is outstanding. It is that power, that soul-feeding energy and life-changing opportunity that I want to share with you and which has led me to create the first Cool Girls Epic Trip to Mexico: a 3,000 km road trip through the magical regions of Yucatan and Quintana Roo, where me and 4 other Cool Girls will be re-connecting with themselves through an immersive Mexican experience.

And so it is with great pleasure that I announce the Cool Girls Epic Trip N.1 ready and open for sign-ups! For a full description of the itinerary and trip, please click here to download the Mexico Road Trip brochure.

I am also really excited for the local brands who agreed to sponsor the girls with some essential Mexican products: Pócima Cosmetics will be gifting us 100% natural reef-friendly suntan lotions and López Indumentaria will be providing us with hot looking Mexican hats.

I truly hope you will join me on this badass Mexican Adventure. I cannot wait to connect with you and share this magical experience.

If you are ready to jump into the unknown, click here to reserve your spot now.

Comments and questions? Feel free to contact me.

Interview with: Laura Grier from Andeana Hats

Interview with: Laura Grier from Andeana Hats

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