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5 Books you MUST read NOW,  In THAT order!

5 Books you MUST read NOW, In THAT order!

People who know I'm a Life Coach ask me what I'm reading lately. They throw the last personal development bestsellers' titles at me and ask what I think of them... 

I tell them this:

there are only a few books worth reading if you are

SERIOUS about your personal growth

I don't claim to know EVERY book on this planet, BUT! Here is a list of MY favourite books, books that will stay with me FOREVER! These are the books that have made a difference in my life, and which I recommend to all my coaching clients as they have all been instrumental to my own learning and growth! So enjoy the wisdom! Please try to read these books in the order I have mentioned them. Manual of the Warrior of Light can be read at any time! It's on my night-side table! 

Warning: some of these books are tough reads, especially if your 1st language is not English. But do not panic, take it bit by bit. Read chapter by chapter. Let it sink in, and move on the next...

Links will take you directly to Amazon, if you purchase directly from them, I will earn a small commission. Thank you!

Manual of the Warrior of Light, by Paulo Coelho

The Magician's Way, by William Whitecloud

The Last Shaman, by William Whitecloud

The Kybalion, by Three Initiates

The Philosophers' Secret Fire, by Patrick Harpur

1 Month in New Delhi, India

1 Month in New Delhi, India

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My new eBook for FREE