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How to Follow the Path of Least Resistance

How to Follow the Path of Least Resistance

There are two different paths of least resistance.

Have you ever felt that the more you wanted something the more obstacles you seemed to face in reaching your goal? Do you ever feel that in order to get what you want you need to work harder and harder? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that!

The concept of the path of least resistance could be compared to water. Water flows and occupies any space that is given to it, it follows gravity, it is effortlessly and constantly moving. If you put it in a container, it will take the shape of its container. Water will not cross a wall, it will go around it. Water stops where resistance starts. Water is in deed the perfect example of following the path of least resistance. We now understand the Chinese proverb: “Be like Water”. It simply means, follow the path of least resistance!

But here’s the trick! I’ve come to understand that there are two different paths of least resistance. The first one will lead you to a stressful, limiting life experience; and the second one, to an effortless and creative way of living.

“Your past experiences do not define who you are!”

The first path of least resistance is the path of the EGO. We all follow our ego without being aware of it. And that’s when we encounter most obstacles. This is the path that will create stress in our life and prevent us from reaching our goals. Your ego is that identity you carry with you, it’s who you think you are, and it is made up of all your beliefs and assumptions about life and how life should be. It is the basic structure which guides all your steps. Your ego is like this big Bank of past experiences (good or bad, but most likely bad!) deceptions, traumatic events, failures, painful relationships etc… on which you base yourself to make any futur decision. You ego is therefore very limiting, because it only lets you live life from the perspective of your past experiences, on what you already know, or think you know. It pretty much dictates what your next move will be, based on a whole database of previous experiences. For illustration purposes, examples of my personal (ego) beliefs and assumptions could be “I am not good enough and not worthy of other people’s love, I can’t trust others, I am on my own…”

The ego is your automatic-pilot mode. You are not aware it is ruling your life because you have always lived from the ego’s perspective. The bad news is that you believe that your ego is actually who you really are! THAT IS NOT TRUE! Your past experiences do not define who you are! Unfortunately, even if you try to create something new, a new project for example, your ego will kick in and dictate HOW you should be doing things, sabotaging your project! That doesn’t really give you space for creativity, AND it will be stressful because your ego will set up rules and guidelines that you will need to follow, because that’s the only thing you know how to do, and anything outside those guidelines makes you feel unsafe and insecure. For me, based on my ego, it translates into always doing things on my own, refusing the help of others, constantly trying to impress those who I love, as well as looking for validation from authoritative figures (i.e. my dad).

Ultimately and unconsciously you DO follow the path of least resistance, but it is the path of your ego, to which you have no resistance, since you are not even aware of it! That is the path which will create a limiting and stressful life for you, although keeping you safe and secure. It’s a lure! This is NOT the path to making your dreams reality or reaching your goals. In my case, doing things on my own and being strong to impress the people I love, so I could be worthy of their love, is just the automatic way I have of living my life, but it is extremely limiting and stressful! Also, it gets pretty lonely…

“Choose to follow your bliss!”

The second path of least resistance, and the one we should all be following, is the path of your HEART! Take a deep breath, close your eyes, forget about your past! Imagine you are a baby, a brand new being, with no past experiences to base yourself on. Imagine you are a huge blank canvas! Look into your heart, ask yourself, “What would I really LOVE?” And follow that ONLY! Let the universe accommodate itself and deliver what you love. No efforts needed, no struggle required. When you are aware of what’s in your heart and what you would really love, you will get the inspiration to take the necessary actions. Do not get attached to HOW you will get there (that would be your ego kicking in!). Stay focused on your heart, on your end result, and the rest will follow. That is the real path of least resistance! When you follow your heart, your bliss, your intuition will guide you where you need to go. Doors you had never looked at will open magically. You will most probably achieve your end result in ways which you would have never thought of, had you followed your ego.

The first step to following your HEART, is to CHOOSE! You should be aware of your ego’s mechanisms and the infulence they have on you. Recognise your own machine, understand that your ego is NOT who your really are. It is not real, it is the fruit of your imagination, an identity you have made up based on the meaning you gave to your past experiences. Do not resent your ego, for its only purpose is to protect you from pain, for you to survive and be safe. But who you really are is your HEART! Life is not meant to just survive! Choose to live a creative and effortless life from your heart.

Choose to follow your bliss! And if your ego kicks in and wants to run the show, just choose again! And again, and again! And life will magically unfold before you! It takes will to choose to change our old beliefs. It’s scary, because it will make you face the unknown. But the results you get from choosing your heart make it well worth the ride!

 London International Women Conference 2015

London International Women Conference 2015

“Tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you are”

“Tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you are”