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Books that changed the game for me this year

Books that changed the game for me this year

Let go of negative feelings

What’s up everyone?

I’ve been reading loads this year. Whether an actual book or a Kindle version, I’ve been reading 2 or 3 books simultaneously. So inevitably I find myself telling my friends about it and recommending them books I’ve read and have really benefited from. Here is my list: a mix of spiritual inspiration and business techniques! Click on the titles or photos and you’ll go straight to Amazon.

1st one on the list:

Letting go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins PhD.

This book has great healing powers I tell ya’! I read this book while I was going through a severe burn out at work and was filled with anger. This book talks about each type of negative emotion and gives practical exercises to help you let go of them. I actually still use the techniques when I’m feeling stuck on a problem and negative feeling. The very act of reading the book is a healing process. You’ll notice that as you read, you are ACTUALLY letting go! D. R. Hawkins has many more books on the topic, but this one I felt was the most practical and relevant to my situation. Another great one from him is Power vs. Force.

2nd one: A course in Miracles Made Easy, by Alan Cohen

This is quite a spiritual read yet, as the title suggests it, an easy one! This book has had a profound impact on me and how I see the world, how I perceive my reality. If you believe in “the Universe has got your back” concept, than you will love this one! A true manifesting machine…

3rd one, and more on the business side of things: Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-free Productivity by David Allen

I’m still reading this one and I’m applying the technique as I’m going. So far, it’s been great and it has already helped me feel less overwhelmed by the million things I’m doing at the same time. If you are creating something big, or have a project in mind, whether professional or personal, I suggest giving this book a read. It was recommended to me by my mentor who has 10 years experience running global projects for Nike and managing 5k employees! That’s what he uses! I’ll have some of that!

4th and last on this list: Quiet Leadership: 6 Steps to Transforming Performance at Work, by David Rock

I’ve just started this one a few days ago, and so far it’s very interesting. It basically explains why it’s harder for human beings to break a habit than it is to create a new one! HA! And how the brain is an ever-going connection-making machine that WILL NOT STOP! Fascinating! And if it is easier to make a new habit than to destroy one, then why managers aren’t implementing this more often at work? I’m not even half way and I want to know more! It also explains why trying to get to the bottom of a bad habit and understand where it comes from and why it was formed ACTUALLY reinforces the bad habit! HELP!

There you go, I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and that you indulge in some more reading. It’s crazy the amount of information you can gather and ideas and inspiration that come to you from just reading a few pages every night! Happy reading everyone!

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