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Take it slow...

I don’t know about you but theses days I‘ve been feeling like everything goes faster and faster… my life is more and more busy, my calendar app shows me something to do everyday, whether it’s a call to be made, an appointment I have, a birthday dinner to attend etc… More and more emails come crash into my inbox, and if I am sick for 2 days, I come back to the office and find 350 new emails! True story! Which then defies the very purpose of resting at home if when I come back I have to work even harder to catch up!

Have ever you tried to do your job while being interupted 30 times in the day by someone or something that requires your urgent attention? Not to mention our phones’ notifications and messages from your friends or family, and the emails that are still coming throughout the day!

And we try to make time for ourselves right? to enjoy and make sure that we have a life outside of work… I just signed up to the gym again, thinking I could use some ME time, and do some yoga. I’ve booked in a theater night with friends, and I’m planning a small relaxing weekend in the countryside with my partner. But even all these things I’m planning for myself end up stressing me more…I run out of time…I keep trying to make more things fit into one day, I sleep less and not as well anymore. My brain just cannot swich off it seems.

The city life has taken over me….and with it the feeling that I must do more and more, I must push myself, attend this course, go to the gym, eat healhy, look pretty, do my job well, make more money, read this book, listen to that podcast… the list goes on and on ladies and gentlemen!

Result?: absolute burnout! I am an emotional wreck, a tearful commuter on my way to work, a sleep-deprived zombie who hides her dark circles with the latest concealer, a never-ending complaining partner, an overused and abused body and in general not a happy bunny! And this is NOT how life should be! Unless you really enjoy being burnt-out…

But the universe is always there to show you the way, you just have to pay attention to its traffic signals… Just as I started an annual subscription to my favourite travel magazine SUITCASE Magazine, it turns out that the first issue delivered to my door-step is called “The Slow Issue”…Hmmm…is the universe trying to tell me something here??

So what’s in the magazine? Well, everything my tired body and sould would love to experience, see, eat, dress in and sleep in!

And so I am going to take this billiant hint and chill the f*ck out! And if you suffer from the same symptoms than me, then I suggest you chill the f*ck out too!

Life is too short, enjoy it, look at it, contemplate it, be present to it!

Just take it slow…


PS: If you are interested in subscribing to SUITCASE mag, here is a link https://suitcasemag.com/subscribe/

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