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1 Month in New Delhi, India

1 Month in New Delhi, India

I wanted it, and so I got it! My one month in hot, steamy India!

And although I go there almost every year for the past 6 years, this trip was special! Every time I go to India, I know what awaits me: frizzy hair, chaos and frustration, me fighting against the circumstances involved with being in India (read: no toilet paper etc.), followed by a wave of surrendering, enlightenment and realisation!

'I felt as though I had lost the ability to travel!'

As always, India has left its indelible print on my heart, and this time served me with a magnificent lesson in life and creation.

See, life in India is like a metaphor for the creative process! There is no other way to live in India but to surrender, and remain in the unknown...remain in the mystery

I had several things I wanted to do while in Delhi: meet some friends, go to Rajasthan for a weekend, attend an Indian fashion exhibition, eat in my favourite places etc. I had one month. But after 10 days, I was already reaching nowhere. Every plan I made either got cancelled or changed. I felt as though people were unreliable, uncommitted... I felt India was a dangerous place...I felt India was against me?? I was angry...very angry. I felt as though I had lost the ability to travel! Me??!!!

'...you need to take into account the many variables!'

Then it dawned on me that I had come to Delhi with my London habits! In London everyone is very busy and professional...They don't have time for plans to change 10 times before getting cancelled! In London, if I put you in my diary for Tuesday at 7pm, you can be sure that both parties will be where they are supposed to be on Tuesday at 7pm! Slight adjustments are obviously tolerated...!

In India...well this simply does not work! First of all you need to take into account the many variables! Weather (it might start pouring suddenly and everything gets flooded! Or it might be so hot that it is just unreasonable to get out!), traffic (if you don't know what I'm talking about go to Youtube and search for "Traffic in India"), health hazards (the person you might be meeting tonight may have been food poisoned, and will only realise how shit he/she feels the morning of your meeting!), and other incongruous variables that you may not understand at this point... and that I do not have the patience to explain right now! All this makes it nearly impossible to create what you want in a controlled, planned, organised and predictable way! In short: I came to Delhi with my brain still on Londoner mode, thinking and believing that all my plans would ACTUALLY work. By then, you can guess I was seriously fighting against all circumstances and trying to bulldoze my way though.... It cost me energy, time, and created animosity and conflict!


HOWEVER! I still got to do everything I wanted to, and much more! But how did I manage??

I was enlightened!

This is what I learned during this particular stay in India: Within the chaos, just stay focused on your end result! Don’t be attached to how you will get what you want, put your intention out there, hold your vision and let the Universe bring it to you in the way it sees fit! Surrender!

That's it! I swear there is nothing more to it! I dare you to try it! Especially if you are a Londoner, it might not be as easy as it seems! While you remain in the mystery, notice how deep down you are desperately seeking safety, and how you try to control your environment in order to get what you want... Make a conscious choice to surrender. Surrendering does not mean giving up, but giving in! Keep you eyes on the prize, and choose to surrender. Then, watch how the Universe brings you what you wanted!

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