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What’s your problem?

What’s your problem?

The one exercise that will change your life and help you deal with any problem: The Conflict exercise!

This exercise has shifted my focus probably a good hundred times over problems and conflicts. It consists of naming and acknowledging the negative thoughts that go through your head in relation to a problem.

This means shifting your focus from your lower level self (ego) to your higher level self (heart); it reconnects you with what you truly love.

Being a mentor comes with its perks, this exercise is one of them! It has helped me overcome the  worst situations and deal with the biggest conflicts I’ve ever had in relationships

Simply answer the following questions:

  1. What’s the problem?

  2. What are your thoughts about the problem? (list 5, go deep, don’t try to be positive about the thoughts you list )

  3. What are your feelings about this problem? (list 5, don’t try to be positive)

  4. What are these thoughts and feelings compelling you to do? (punch someone? Run away?)

  5. What would be the result of such action? (at this stage you should understand that action is not conducive to positive results)

  6. What would you love? (don’t try to fix the problem, look into your heart and really ask yourself, what would you love, in relation to the problem OR NOT!)

  7. What does that thing you’d love compel you to do?

  8. Go do that!

Beware of trying to fix your problem. Fixing means you are focusing on the problem, investing your energy. When you go and do what you love, you’ll find that your problem solves itself… or you will  get inspired and find a solution! Try it!

I don’t want to end up alone!

I don’t want to end up alone!

D.A.R.E. Dating After Relationships End

D.A.R.E. Dating After Relationships End