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2019: The year I accept who I am

2019: The year I accept who I am

This year, instead of working my holidays around my job, I’ve decided to work my job around my holidays!

Wait I know what you think: ”Oh God, what is she up to now??”

I’m up for living my life the way I want i! It’s scary, I know. But I’m willing to take the risk! And if you think that’s impossible and unreasonable and what not: Watch me!

But because I know myself too well (workaholic, perfectionist in desperate need of others’ validation and approval of everything I do in life), I KNEW I had to plan my holidays for the entire year first week of January, before I even had a chance to go back to work and before other people even had a chance to wish me Happy New Year! That means that by 2nd of Jan, I had already crossed out several weeks on my new baby pink Agenda from Le Bon Marché (gifted by Grandma of course, I would have never spent that much money on an Agenda…). I was going to keep the perfectly normal and boring navy blue Agenda from work but the Universe had better plans for me! Good! I had better plans for myself!

By 2nd Jan, I had bought me and Boyfriend tickets to France (didn’t even ask him…), and by 6th Jan we had our tickets to Cancún!

On this year’s Agenda:

  • 7-10 Feb: Long weekend in the woods, Charentes, France…

  • 28 Feb to 5 March: Grandma’s 90th birthday in Paris!

  • 15-29 April: Cancún, Mexico

  • August: I disappear…

  • December: I become a temporay barista at my mom’s coffee shop in Portland, USA

What about stability you say? Let me tell you what I’ve learned about myself and stability in 2018:

The only stable thing I know of myself is that I’ve never had a stable life. I was born and raised and became an adult and continue to grow between countries, cultures and languages.

Because of this unsettling life, there was a time when I craved for stability and routine. I created that for myself and got bored of it, understanding that my personality and my soul were calling me to have a different life.

2018 was the year I learned that there is no point in me going against my true nature, and that when I actually accept myself as I am, and embrace my free-spirit, I am a much happier woman, comfortable in my body and much more attractive! People come to me because of my joie-de-vivre, they are inspired because I’m living my life the way I want to. Everyone knows (especially men) that when women are happy, the world is a better place! I’m a better daughter, a better coach, a better friend. When I accept, and consciously embrace my true nature, I am a better human being! Simple!

And I’m not saying that stability is bad or boring, I’m just saying that I am a free-spirit, I love my freedom, I love to move and explore what the world has to offer. I love travelling and meeting new people, push my own bounderies. That is my nature!

Whatever your nature is, embrace it, don’t make it wrong! You’ll be a lot more fulfilled, loving and you’ll attract those who are aligned with your true self.

Try it out, and tell me how it goes! Scary, but exhilirating!

I'm going Mexico!

I'm going Mexico!

The perfectly imperfect Christmas holiday...

The perfectly imperfect Christmas holiday...