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Chloe Bourjalliat - Women’s Life Coach & Founder of the Cool Girls Club

Chloé is what we call a Modern Adventurer! She was born in Los Angeles from French parents, she grew up between Paraguay, the French West Indies and France. She moved to Miami on her own at 19 where she worked for 6 years in Luxury Retail while studying International Relations. Chloé started Personal development through Landmark and became a coach for the Self-Expression and Leadership Programme when she was only 24 years-old. After graduating with honours from Miami Dade College, she pursued her dream of travelling to India and lived in Mumbai for 6 months and learned Hindi.

She moved to London where she started a new life, with the firm intention to find work in International affairs. She quickly started working for the Mauritius High Commission. Her supervisors saw her potential, and pushed Chloé to continue her education. She then decided to quit her job and enrolled into a Masters degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Westminster, while getting herself accredited as a Life Coach. Before even graduating Chloé achieved one of her biggest dreams: to work for the United Nations. She graduated with honours, and travelled back to India for 2 months, where she hosted her very first workshops and started coaching her first private clients, most of them women. Chloé was never into doing just one thing…

Another one of her goals was to live between London and Mallorca, which gave her the opportunity to reconnect with her family in Spain, and continued working for the UN in London on short missions. Late 2017 she moved back to London to work full time for the UN. In November 2018, Chloé launched the Cool Girls Club: a global network of inspiring women where Chloé offers free empowering content, an exclusive membership to the Club, private life coaching and transformational trips, on top of hosting her own workshops and being a guest speaker for other events.

“My travels have deeply inspired me and shaped me into who I am today. Travel made me love people, all people, and made me reflect a lot about the human nature, it challenged who I was, who I thought I was. It forced me to question my life and made me see the richness of the world. Travel is my passion, and I have always managed to weave my life around my travels. Without travel I am nothing. It is what I live for. It also challenges my creative abilities. Travel costs money and can be stressful and unsettling, especially in complete different cultures. How do you deal with finding yourself in a place that rejects all of your customs, clothes and skin colour? Travel is an amazing teacher of tolerance and compassion. I think because I traveled so often since I was little, I had to grow a lot quicker. I did not have time to worry about the inessential. Travel made me realize I could be anyone I wanted to be. The power to be anyone you want is something I pass on to women through the Cool Girls Club!” - Chloé

Chloé Bourjalliat is an accredited life coach and a published author of 8 Lessons to Succeed in Life.

Mini CV

-Founder of the Cool Girls Club, a special membership that supports women in realising their dreams

-Accredited life coach since 2016

-Freelance editor and proofreader for United Nations since 2016

-Freelance translator/interpreter (English, French and Spanish) since 2015

-Confidential Secretary, Mauritius High Commission, London, UK (2013/2015)

-MA, Translating/Interpreting, University of Westminster, London, UK (2015/2016)

-AA, International Relations, Miami Dade College, Miami, USA (2009/2011)

-International High School of Lyon, France (Spanish section)