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The purpose of this call is for you to assess areas of your life you wish to improve, share any specific problems you are dealing with, and the vision you have for the next phase of your life; and determine if coaching can serve you.

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Chloe’s Weekly Advice

Every week I share tips, insights and short lessons on how to deal with everyday challenges like managing stress, overcoming negative thinking, building courage, simplifying your life etc.

Chloe’s Monthly Life Hacks

Every month, I provides readers with a hack-sheet of easy steps to improve their life. These are lessons I’ve learned along my self-develop journey and things I actually use on myself and my coaching clients.

Chloe’s Interviews with Inspiring Women

I’ve searched for inspiring women from all ages and all industries. I’ve interviewed them in order to share their amazing stories but also to inspire you! These are women who have found purpose, are going for their dreams and making things happen. In these wisdom-packed interviews we reflect back on what purpose is, how to find it, how to overcome obstacles on route to your dreams, what a Cool Girl is and how to be one.

Free Webinars

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