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TALK: Feeling stuck? Get Unstuck!

If you feel stuck... I'm here to tell you, you can get unstuck.

My name is Chloé, I am the Founder of the Cool Girls Club where

 I teach women how to live their best life through discovering who they really are.

You should really read all this... but if you don't want to, then scroll down straight to what's "on the agenda" and the reviews.

Only 4 years ago I was in a numbing job offering NO future opportunities and paying minimum wage. I was in the worst realtionship I had EVER been (I mean abusive!). I had 0 friends. I was so depressed about my life, I had no energy to even think of getting out of it... and I had NO savings to even get a glimpse of relief... On top of that, because of my overall sadness and frustration, I had become out of shape. My self-esteem was below my feet.

I was 30 y/o and in the worst situation I had ever been. I attended different personal development courses, I went to the psychologist, I read books, I prayed, I even learned Reiki... but nothing was really working, until I learned how to align with my true purpose.

I don't want to make this too long to read, but in short, since then, I created a completeley new life for myself, a life I absolutely love.

-I completed a Master's degree (I had always wanted to finish my studies)

-I started working for United Nations (one of my dreams)

-I ditched the abusive relationship and I am now in my best relationship ever with an amazing man

-I got back in shape

-I travelled the world regularly (India, France, Spain, Mexico, Malta, UK)

-I created all the money necessary to do all of the above (I'm still amazed at that!)

-I started my own business

-All my relationships have improved (family, old friends, new friends, work colleagues etc.)

I am not joking, you can check my instagram profile!

So what is this method about? What is the big secret? And anyways, how did I get myself into such a crap life situation in the first place?

No secrets here! 

What I learned is that before going for your purpose, you must learn about your EGO and identify the negative self-talk that's running your life (you know, that little voice that tells you you are too ugly, too old, too fat etc...)

Your EGO is made out of all the crap you've been collecting since you're a child. Some of it you already know, some of it runs deep in your unconscious mind. For example: My dad was never there when I was a child. He was like a stranger to me for many years, and I always felt very scared of him. I became very submissive to him as I craved love from my father, and projected that onto all my relationships with men. This led me to attract dominant men I would submit to in hope of gaining their love. This then allowed them to take advantage of me and completely rule my life. That's HOW I got into an abusive relationship. Now that I'm aware of this, I'm able to recognize my own sabotaging behaviour and also able to put a stop to any abuse towards me. This applies to all areas of life by the way.

Imagine being aware of the negative unconscious patterns that rule your life and break out of them. Wouldn't that be freeing? You would be able to choose better and be in control of your life.

Would you willingly be unhappy? No right? 

In this free talk, I'm going to explain the 12 unconscious negative beliefs that run most people's lives and how to break FREE from them!

I'm known for empowering women to live their purpose.

I have been mentoring women and giving them the tools to re-design their life the way THEY want it! They have broken free from their negative patterns and embarked on a new adventure! They are writting their destiny, not their old sabotaging behaviours.

On the agenda:

1- Discover the 12 limiting beliefs that get you stuck (detail description of each of them, with their relevant emotional aspect and behavioural pattern for ease of identification). Notes will be sent via email to all attendees.

2 - Learn the key to breaking free from them: connecting with your greatness (explanation on what greatness is)

3 - Learn how to access your greatness through Intuition 

4 - Experience your intuition through a guided meditation

5 - Sharing / Q&A - What now?

People who have attended this talk have cried, laughed and had profound realizations. They have all found the 12 beliefs to be extremely useful not only to be able to deal with themselves, but to understand others better!

What others are saying:

“Chloé helped me gain a different perspective of things, which helped me understand people better - those that are close to me and those I seemed to dislike. She's a good listener and has a refreshing positive drive. Chloé helped me change my attitude and discover my potential."

Sarah, United Nations 

“I am not really sure where to start, but I really wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for being an eye opener and help me realize the different dimensions of life when it most mattered. Thank you for filling the void in my thoughts and assumptions about life. It really did work a lot better with your analysis and empowering approach...always grateful to have consulted you.”

Prashanth, Boeing Aircraft Corporation

“Chloe’s approach is very welcoming and patient and her passion radiates through the cool girls club -and the lovely ladies that make up the community.
She is determined to understand and engage with every woman, making sure our experience is the most beneficial with the honest intention of making the Cools Girl Club a fun badass collective that makes sure we get the stuff we really want done (even when we think we don’t/can’t)! “

Melissa Clarke, Banking

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FREE TALK: Feeling stuck? Get Unstuck!