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Set your goals with a Kickass Vision Board

  • Creoate 37 Neal Street London, England, WC2H 9PR United Kingdom (map)

Make 2019 DIFFERENT!

So you are looking forward to a great productive 2019? Great! But you won't get anywhere if you don't have Purpose! Your year will have no focus, and without focus, all the ACTIONS and HARD WORK will lead you nowhere.

How to find your Purpose?
We see purpose as this one single big epic thing we should be good at and dedicate ourselves to! SInce I'm a little girl I've been obsessed with Purpose and always felt like I didn't have one! "What's my big thing??" I kept asking myself.

I've been doing personal development for 10 years now, I've sat in front of various Gurus, I've moved to India, I've tried meditation, drugs and even marriage! I've even become a Life Coach twice through different methods, and THIS IS WHAT I'VE LEARNED ABOUT PURPOSE: Purpose is about really digging deep into your heart, and asking yourself what it is that you would truly LOVE to create! Not what your mama wants for you, or your husband, or your kids! Creating what YOU love is YOUR purpose! My purpose is made of all the things I love and the things I don’t yet know that I love and I've yet to discover!

EVERYONE HAS A PURPOSE! When we feel as if we don’t have purpose in life, it simply means we are not connected to our heart. Success, for me, is living my purpose, living from my heart, being ME and owning it!

We are doing things either from our Heart or from our Ego. If you're not living from your Heart, you're living from your Ego.
What is Ego? Your Ego is made up of unconscious negative beliefs (that voice in your head that says you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough). Thanks to your Ego, you have developped self-sabotaging strategies (being overly shy, or bossy, procrastinating etc…) to keep you safe and secure from "perceived dangers" in life. Your Ego prevents you from stepping out of your comfort zone, it prevents you from evolving and growing and challenging yourself...not very productive that Ego!

If you are not aware of your negative beliefs, sabotaging strategies and all the crappy self-talk your give yourself, you are basically being controlled by your Ego. And since Ego is unconscious, you are not even aware when your Ego is controlling you and making all the decisions for you.

So the question is, do you want to let your Ego take control of your life? Or would you like to wake up, live from your Heart and feel alive?

Imagine you knew exactly what your Purpose was for this year, and in life!
Imagine you were aware of your ego and what could stop you from ever growing! How much do you think that would help you in life?
Imagine you had a group of trusted women, who were on the same journey as you, and who reminded you of Your Purpose, even when you forget who you are!
Imagine feeling truly alive, and waking up everyday excited to work on your dreams! How would you feel if you were living your life ON PURPOSE?

Well, I have good news! In this workshop, you will get started on YOUR PURPOSE, you will:

-Go through a very pwerful visualisation exercise (don't underestimate it!), in which you will define what you would truly love to create for 2019! Your Purpose!,,

-Look at what could possibly stop you from reaching your goals in 2019

-Meet other women on the same journey,

-Have an opportunity to sign up to the Cool Girls Club membership: A group of Girls with Purpose! and,

-Imprint your Purpose into your mind by crafting your own 2019 Vision Board!

My vision is that Women live on Purpose and I'm looking to work with women who truly are committed to themselves and their growth and who want to make their life Epic!

There are only 20 spots available!

So register now and see you soon!


Do I have to bring anything?
YES! Please bring pen and paper for written exercises. For the Vision Board making, please bring:
– Scissors
-glue or scotch tape
-coloring pencils if you wish to draw
I will bring A3 sheets of paper for the Vision board base.

Will I be selling products?
I will be offering my services to support you in creating an amazing year! If you are interested Great! If not, Great! You will absolutely gain value from attending the workshop anyway!

Can I bring my child, pet or husband?
Unfortunately no. I really want to make this workshop about YOU! And so I want to keep it as YOU time…