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The Cool Girls Club is a global network of inspiring women living their purpose. This network focuses on collaboration and empowerment. They say you are the sum of the 5 people you spend most time with.

Make sure you surround yourself with women who inspire and support you in the pursuit of your dreams.

Become a member of the Cool Girls Club for £19.00 per month.

Membership includes:


Regular Meetups

Quarterly Cool Girls Club brunch, lunch or dinner

Regular co-working sessions that help you getting things done

And other cool activities i.e. concerts, festivals, talks etc.


Perks & Discounts

Get access to partners' offers and discounts exclusive to the Cool Girls Club

Members get special discounts on Cool Girls yearly Epic Trips and Cool Girls Club merchandise


Life Tools

I am Chloé, Founder of the Cool Girls Club and Women's Life Coach, and I am here to motivate you:

Get access to my powerful meditations

Once a month, send your Life Question directly to me for personalized support and advice


Private Facebook Group

Access to a network of Cool Girls ready to collaborate, inspire and empower

Cool Girls are selected based on their commitment to living their dreams and willingness to empower other women to do the same


Cool Girls Club members are carefully chosen. Please leave your name and details and let’s have a chat about getting you on board.

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