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Chloé Bourjalliat

6 months Accountability Buddy
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The Coaching Institute says that a good coach will :

LISTEN - not only because she needs to learn things about the client but also because a life coach should be generous.

DEVELOP - a connection with the said client because they will be working together for some time.

ASK - significant questions that never in a million years one thinks of asking oneself.

ACCEPT - a certain level of uncertainty because nothing is written in stone.

APPLY - models that he/she tried on and knows they work.

NEVER MAKE IT ABOUT - him /her because this has been always about you, the person that receives the coaching.


Chloé Bourjalliat

Women’s Life Coach and Founder of the Cool Girls Club

Coaching has transformed my own life. That’s why I chose to become a coach. Read more about my journey.