“Chloé helped me gain a different perspective of things, which helped me understand people better - those that are close to me and those I seemed to dislike. She's a good listener and has a refreshing positive drive. Chloé helped me change my attitude and to discover my potential. Had this all been a coaching session or rather a long overdue good chat?”

Sarah, United Nations

“I am not really sure where to start, but I really wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for being an eye opener and help me realize the different dimensions of life when it most mattered. Thank you for filling the void in my thoughts and assumptions about life. It really did work a lot better with your analysis and empowering approach, while you also made me feel comfortable throughout. All the very best for your new initiatives, always grateful to have consulted you.”

Prashanth, Boeing Aircraft Corporation,

“Chloe’s approach is very welcoming and patient and her passion radiates through the cool girls club -and the lovely ladies that make up the community.
She is determined to understand and engage with every girl, making sure our experience is the most beneficial with the honest intention of making the Cools Girl Club a fun badass collective that makes sure we get the stuff we really want done (even when we think we don’t/can’t)! “

Melissa Clarke

“Avec chloé ce n'est pas simplement un coaching... il y a un veritable échange. Elle écoute d'une oreille attentive et se consacre corps et âme à la personne qui est en face d'elle. Avec sa douceur et son sourire les vibrations sont intenses. On ressent énormément de bienveillance et tendresse de sa part. C'est une conseillère, amie, une confidente. Elle apporte beaucoup de bien être et de sérénité. Elle m'a beaucoup aidé en ce début 2019. Quand j'ai un petit coup de mou je repense à nos échanges et cela me rappelle à quel point tout n'est pas facile mais qu'on peut toujours avancer quoi qu'il arrive. Merci à cette personne qui est comme une soeur pour moi.”

Eduarnalis Morvan, SNCF