3 Hours Private Clarity Session

3 Hours Private Clarity Session


The purpose of this session is to get super clear on what you want to do in your personal or professional life.

On the Agenda:

1 - You and I will dive deep into the Vision of what you would truly love to create in the next phase of your life and extract specific end-results for you to be working on in the next year;

2- Together we will formulate your own bespoke affirmations for you to meditate on everyday;

3 - I will teach you how to connect to each end-result (affirmation) and use your intuition to guide you to your next step; and

4 - Depending on your current reality, we will discuss the best way forward for you to actually create your Vision, whether you feel like you need more intensive help and want to take on coaching for 6 months, or you feel confident enough and just need some accountability from my side.

This session gives you access to the Cool Girls Club and you will get the following perks:

-Private Facebook group (I only post things relevant to helping you on your journey)

-Regular “Get stuff done” session: we meet locally (London) to work together, exchange ideas, get feedback and be focused together, this is a great structure particularly for those who suffer from procrastination…

-Get invites to attend CGC monthly webinars live, where you will be able to ask questions directly

-Receive regular newsletters about advice, books, tools and events that can support you in your endeavours.

-Receive a discount on Cool Girls Club - Epic Trips

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