6 months Intensive Private Coaching

6 months Intensive Private Coaching


A 6 months membership that supports you in creating a Purposeful life.

On the agenda:

1- Get private and thorough support in the implementation of your Vision and receive a tool set of exercises you can practice and keep for the rest of your life;

2- Receive 2 sessions per month of 1 hour (I usually go a bit beyond that);

3- Sessions will be recorded and sent to you so you can review them as many times as you wish;

4- Learn to access your intuition and tap into it for guidance on how to reach your goals;

5- Receive 3 meditation recordings you can keep forever and continue using even after the end of your membership;

6- When you go about creating your vision, sometimes things can get stressful and very uncomfortable. That’s why it’s ok to call me. I’m available 24h/7 for crisis management support (limited to once or twice a month). The idea is that you become independent and trust your own decisions, but with like anything, sometimes you need help.

7- This intensive coaching includes the Cool Girls Club - Accountability Buddy

  • At the beginning of every month, you will send me a list of actions/goals you wish to be kept accountable for;

    Every 2 weeks, you and I will have scheduled calls during which you will report what you’ve accomplished, any changes or any obstacles you are facing (each call won’t be longer than 20 min).

    At the end of this membership, you will have transformed your life and will be living from Purpose. Your vision, in all areas of your life will be well underway, if not already achieved. You will become part of a group of women of a higher caliber: women creators!

    If you wish to pay on a monthly basis, we can arrange a monthly payment of £400 for 6 months. Simply contact me.

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